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  • Tuesday ,28 June 2016

To extinguish the fire


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Tuesday ,28 June 2016

To extinguish the fire

There are many sectarian attacks against the Copts, but the state is not able to protect them and solve the problem. In fact, every body works to provide palliative treatment and not an actual treatment for this cancer.

The solution should be from the very beginning since prevention is better than cure. We really need a cure against hatred and intolerance.
Moreover, we need to support belonging to the nation and acceptance of others. This will only be achieved through genuine political will by the government and the presidency. 
The family home is a national body that aims to maintain unity of the nation and prevent such sectarian incidents. It was supposed to receive support in order to spread the cure in school curricula. However, there was no vision, goals or will. Thus, the family house appeared so weak. Some of its leaders denied the sectarian congestion and discrimination among the Egyptians at all. They may think that it’s but media show. In fact, the fire remains under the ashes and appear every now and then searching for somebody to extinguish the fire.