• 22:45
  • Thursday ,23 June 2016

A lesson of spying

Mina M. Azer

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Thursday ,23 June 2016

A lesson of spying

The Egyptian judiciary closed the case of spying for Qatar. Now, the former Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi was found guilty and was sentenced to death penalty and 85 years in prison. He committed several crimes and was proven guilty of spying after Aljazirah satellite channel has published documents that Morsi had given to Qatar.

In fact, we should learn from that case. There is no brotherhood or friendship in politics. Everybody works to achieve his own interests. Qatar is spying on Egypt ignoring its former relationship with it.
We should also learn that our national security is being targeted by several countries. This is not a confirmation of the conspiracy theories. A small country like Qatar decided to spy on the presidency and recruited the president for that mission!
We should also realize that Egypt is protected by heaven, even if we made such a great mistake by bringing Mohamed Morsi to the presidential palace. God allowed the Muslim Brotherhood to seize power in Egypt in order to expose them before the people. May God protect Egypt and its armed forces.