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  • Monday ,30 May 2016

From Upper Egypt History Starts

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,30 May 2016

From Upper Egypt History Starts
The Pharaohs started their civilization there in upper Egypt well known between Egyptians as Sa-i-d and this is the origin not only Egypt but ALL civilizations! 5000 prehistoric BC civilization Egyptians Building temples and tombs and invaders try  to take it over but always after some time long or short Egyptians stand up to free their stolen civilization!
God the creator of this world knows the future, way before hand he knew he would bless Egypt and Egyptians he -God- saw their creativity and love of peace that is why he gave them the heart of this world!
This is the origin of all civilization from upper Egypt the Pharaohs spread to the north towards Mediterranean Sea, in terms of geography this northern part of Egypt is not as high as upper Egypt and the hight is compared to the sea level -when you are higher than the sea by 1 meter this means you will not be flooded   by the sea- obviously when you are in a mountain you are way safer from sea floods!
Upper Egypt or the southern part of Egypt is where Pharaohs build their civilization not because the northern part was not part of Egypt but just for safety reasons to be far way from flooding risks! However, Egyptians living close to waters; sea, or river shores learned and developed fishing skills then soon enough they discovered how to float on the waters and invented ships!
Once again riding waters was never meant to invade close by lands, they were not aggressive but peaceful, they praised life to the point they believed in resurrection way before being told of it they tried to preserve dead bodies to find a place for the spirits to live in when resurrected this means they loved life and believed in the upper power of God the creator of this world and praised him to the best of their imagination any uncontrollable  force was like God, the Sun, or River Nile or what so ever was taken as God, not because they where sharing the Sun with God but just because not yet told who is God! This shows the nature of Egyptians peaceful and loving Life and BELIEVERS IN GOD!
Obviously not northern Egyptian stayed in the north neither southern one remained in the south, they moved around and settled in different spots creating the well known today's Egypt! But remains upper Egypt the origin of the majority of Egyptians! Most of us should have roots from there and it is very difficult for me to imagine Egypt without that part from Egypt!
The War on Terror!
Yes generation 4 of wars means I do what you want me to do with my own free will this is our own destiny to keep fighting Terror but never ever expect to live in peace, we saw how India become Pakistan, and Afghanistan, India and Taliban and still fighting for more subdivisions! 
The first ever implementation  of the well known principal divide to rule was applied in Palestine that is a multinational land ruled the same principal even  Jews themselves are not united! Some want to achieve peace with Egypt's proposal based on the initial proposal by France and still they refuse to let France in this proposal! 
Accordingly Egypt must be cut and divided into a million countries to rule over the heart of this world! Time after time the forces of evil tried to ignite a sectarian violence to cut off peaces of Egypt, and time after time they failed due to true Egyptians the lovers of life and peace not violence!
When an old person attacked and discriminated
Here I talk of a person what so ever his sex is -Man Woman or even a mixture- and what so ever this person's believes are Jews, Christian, Muslim or even Indian Caws and Chinese Buza and Tibet, when such a person is attacked and no human moves to prevent this attack this means humanity had diapered! But I know and know for sure Min-ya in the upper Egypt the origin of humanity was always main target to ignite sectarian violence to cut the most important part of Egypt from Egypt this can only be a dirty conspiracy!
Dirty conspiracy failed time after time because of true Egyptians refuse to fall into such traps! The small country side village in which Enayat the Muslim neighbor of Soad covered her after the conspirators took off her clothes proves what I try to say Enaya the TRUE EGYPTIAN who lived all her life next door to another TRUE EGYPTIAN Soad her only crime was she was chosen to ignite another sectarian violence after the before last one failed and hey remember this …
In the absence of law it will be repeated many more time from conspirators who have nothing to loose they just ignite the violence and run away...
But I know this land that God blessed will never fall thanks to God, he peace be with you all!