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  • Friday ,20 May 2016

Muslim Brotherhood to stay at the White House

Michel Fahmy

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Friday ,20 May 2016

Muslim Brotherhood to stay at the White House

Many Egyptians and Arab think that the Muslim Brotherhood is going to suffer after Obama leaves the White House. In fact, this is not true as it contradicts with the reality of the United States of America and its policies.

Zionism that controls life in America planted agents in all decision-making positions in order to please the American Zionist lobby. American Israel Public Affairs Committee, known as AIPAC is one of the most powerful Zionist institutions in the US administration. It controls the selection of presidents and members of both houses of Congress and Senate and state governors. It also develops plans and strategy of the United States of America. Such organization is supported by a huge Zionist organization that serves as the executive arm of those policies and schemes across America and the world, namely: Conference of Presidents of major American Organizations.
These two organizations have power, money and influence to plant agents in all decision-making circles, intelligence, and media that they own most of it. Their economic and financial influence is unlimited.
The American Zionist knew the importance of the Muslim Brotherhood and decided to use them. In the framework of intelligence cooperation between America and Britain, all information about the Muslim Brotherhood organization and finances was introduced to America. The American Zionist realized the increasing influence of the Muslim Brotherhood as part of the increasing religious influence in the Islamic countries.
The Muslim Brotherhood was uses as a primary tool in the implementation of its plans in the Middle East and the world. 
It’s worth mentioning that the first communication between the Muslim Brotherhood and the American Administration came on August 29 1947, between Hassan al-Banna, founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, and Philip Oerland, first secretary of the US embassy in Cairo. They agreed on forming a joint office to fight communism, which was founded couple of weeks later.
During the 1948 war, Sayyid Qutb arrived in America where he was trained well to found his bloody jihadist doctrine that the Muslim Brotherhood follows until today. He was beheaded in August 1966. Abdul Nasser insisted on the implementation of the judgment though many countries tried to change that.
However, the strong and close relationship between the Muslim Brotherhood and the United States began when Eisenhower met with the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood Said Ramadan who was trained by the CIA. This proves the lies of Saad Eddin Ibrahim who claims to be the one to introduce the Muslim Brotherhood to the Americans.