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  • Thursday ,19 May 2016

Please , honor Arab creators

Zuhair Dueim

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Thursday ,19 May 2016

Please , honor Arab creators

He Arab history has been full of innovators, philosophers and poets who enriched our lives with their artworks and glory. They sacrificed their lives in order to make us happy. Thus, they deserve to be remembered always by us. 

Poets Motanaby, Akhtal, Shawky, Gobran, Abi Nawas, Zidan, Timor, George Naguib Khalil and many others have filled our lives with their innovation, but we don’t remember them or honor them. Our streets are full of meaningless numbers, but we don’t call their names on them. 
Decent nations honor its people while they are still alive and even after their death. Yet, we don’t! America was named a public park in New York after Gibran Khalil Gibran. However, no garden of Beirut, Damascus or Cairo was named after him. I believe that several poets who died deserve to be called on public gardens in the Middle East.
I call the authorities in our Arab countries to care for this and remember Arab writers, artists, doctors. We should call their names on our schools, streets and universities in order to teach our children about our glorious history.
Furthermore, innovators who are still alive deserve to see such appreciation from their countries. Shall my voice be heard in Arab countries some day?