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  • Wednesday ,18 May 2016

Shihab, Abdel Nour and Tiran

Dr. Mamdouh Halim

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Wednesday ,18 May 2016

Shihab, Abdel Nour and Tiran

Dr. Mufid Shehab was known for being part of the Mubarak regime, and was investigated after the overthrown of Mubarak, but was found not guilty. He disappeared for years, but returned after the crisis of Tiran and Sanafir to assure that the two islands belong to the Saudi Arabia.

Several Egyptians couldn’t accept this knowing that Egypt lost many soldiers to liberate the two islands. They found PhD thesis supervised by dr. Shihab assuring that the two islands are Egyptian.
This proves that one man can defend one thing and its opposite according to the will of the regime.
It became more complicated when former minister Monir Fakhry said that the two islands are Egyptian.
Now, the house of representatives has to react to the crisis and defend the right of their country. Egypt would have returned the islands to Saudi Arabia if they really belong to it.