• 13:19
  • Tuesday ,17 May 2016

Hurting our country

By-Sherbini Luxori

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Tuesday ,17 May 2016

Hurting our country

Commenting on the conflict between police and the people in Ashi village in Luxor I said that we destroy our country with our own hands. Such destruction will put an end to Egypt by the Egyptians.

This became crystal clear in all aspects of our life. Let me criticize our exaggeration in worshipping while we don’t respect it. We don’t love one another and disrespect our homeland. Our morals were known among the nations, but now we seek deviation and hatred. We even forgot about our civilization and heritage. 
Dear friends in Ashi village, you have always been a role model with many good attributes. Moreover, policemen are serving the homeland and toil to make us safe. 
Let’s forget about our disagreements and start building our country. It’s our job to do this, but we can’t do our job before we overcome our conflict.