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  • Monday ,16 May 2016

Is it the Third Time?

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,16 May 2016

Is it the Third Time?
A close by place to our house blow up, I could hear the sound and see the fire far away from our house on the 4th floor, it was the second major disaster I witness as a child of six to sever years old and had a mark in my memories. Without much details I recall my mother's reaction. She was wandering if this was another burning of Cairo!
Cairo had been burning twice before first one was before my birth; It was Hassan El-Banna plot against the Egyptian Jews in Cairo, burning the Jews Businesses and houses of residences to push them away and made them feel they are not welcomed in Egypt! Those carefully chosen victims their only crime was they had the same religion like the ones invaded Palestine!
It was and still one of the main tools Muslim Brotherhood -MB for short- use to divide the unity of angry people! As a limited underground group their forces are limited as well so to rule and prevail they need divided undecided people who still respect human life! Those are the Pharaohs who sacrificed their best looking Girls as brides of the Nile to save human life to the rest of them, who could live without the water of the river Nile? They looked at the Nile as a God that offered them LIFE and Death! Yes death when it was furious and overflowed killing plants and human lives! 
Well the second attempt to burn Cairo was relevant to the 23rd July 1952 revolution when suffering and poverty pushed people to unify under the protection of the Army hopping for a better life! 
This in fact, poor people standing up demanding a better life is and was the main reason for so many revolutions, when Mary Antoinette eta the finest patisseries French cuisine could offer while the rest of the people could not find just bread, it was not her fault she was born in a wealthy family their fault was they never cared of human life and humanity and paid for that fault with their lives it was repeated when the Russian Cesar left his solders undefended and without arms easy pray to German solders in the WWI this ended up with two consecutive revolutions and lots more of bloody revolutions!
MB committed several errors with wrong conclusions concerning the 23rd July revolution! First fatal error was assuming that their support to that revolution and being the first ever ones to call it Revolution, will qualify later on their general guide to become the leader specially that Nasser was initially an MB member! They expected from Nasser out of loyalty to appoint the general guide as the first ever president they never thought of human nature that once you over come an obstacle you start dreaming to be on top of the word you'd never give it up to someone else to achieve it at you expense and this was the second fatal mistake of MB!
Third fatal error was judging Nasser as a converter just like in Islamic Religion any Muslim who quits Islam and becomes Jewish, Christian, or just atheist deserves death so that other Muslims get scared and retain their Islamic Religion. Accordingly Nasser becoming the president does not make him equal to the general guide or gives him superiority on the general guide, and this makes him a converter who deserves death.
Final fatal mistake was that of the general guide who decided Nasser deserves to die! This ignited the self defense of Nasser who executed the general guide and condemned MB to life prison until Sadat released them to kill him!
When in a few days 81 fires were declared in several places of Egypt including some big ones like the one of the popular trade center in Egypt “El Rouwey” causing huge losses in lives an resources I can not exclude the two previous failed attempts by MB to burn Cairo!
Until investigations and results are announced on the causes of those fires MB and terrorists remains a strong suspect of those fires, however I know for a fact that this is Egypt falls to stand up again, its position in the middle of the world makes it a permanent spot of attraction to any force that thinks they are strong enough to conquer it, they did not see Ramses the second who freed Egypt decades and decades B.C. Nor Sadat and his Egyptians soldiers who fought back Israeli invasion on 1973!
Egypt and Egyptians remains the only place God blessed may his peace be upon you all!