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  • Friday ,13 May 2016

Fire that terrified us

Mina M. Azer

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Friday ,13 May 2016

Fire that terrified us

Those who didn’t care for the big fire at the Hall of the Good Shepherd in Shubra corridor and many other places in Egypt will not care as well for the big fire at Alroiei area. I tell you that they caused the fire by their stupidity and negligence.

We have seen big fire in Dubai at the New Year's Eve, but there were no human casualties and very limited losses comparing to the fire. They have advanced fire extinguishing systems and were ready to extinguish the fire as if they were expecting it. 
In Egypt, we planned to the disaster when we allowed commercial markets and workshops that contain plastic and fabrics in the middle of residential areas in full disregard for the lives of the people living there.
Many officials only care for the bribes they receive from the merchants in order to pretend not to see their violations. The merchants paid the price for their violations and couldn’t bribe the fire as they did to the officials. We plan for a new capital and leave the old one to be eaten by fire and corruption!
I think those officials should pay the due compensations since they caused the fire. I hope that we learn from the past and learn that corruption will never bring good for the corrupted people.