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  • Wednesday ,11 May 2016

Message to the disgruntled brothers

Amany Moussa

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Wednesday ,11 May 2016

Message to the disgruntled brothers

I was asked to write an article for this new section in our website under the title of "Smile of Hope". It aims to spread both smiles and hope among our readers. I was thinking what to write among all the negative issues that faces us.

I decided to search for positive things and train my eyes to see them once again. I found many examples in the subway where you can find many rich stories. I saw an old woman who looks tired but enjoys a wonderful smile, especially with the handicapped child with her.
People tried to help her and a doctor with us asked her about her daughter. She thanked God before she tells the story of her children that suffer from this disease that kills them once they turn twenty years old. She already lost three children and only this girl remains.
I saw her smiling and remembered those who keep complaining and spreading negative energy. Those forget about all what they have and keep asking for more. They are sound, but never thank God for their health.
All religions call for thanking God for what you have. Yet, it's wonderful that many sound people can't thank God at the time the sick people always do.