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  • Monday ,09 May 2016

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Monday ,09 May 2016

Talk Show

Well I know this is the third time Osama Kamal and his program Cairo 360 is the start point of my weekly article and this is due to several points, I'll mention some of them but not all:-

1. Osama Kamal is calm and logical comparing Ahmed Moussa or … (with all due respects)
2. Today's -February  6th May 2016- Show Cairo 360 concerns me as:-
1. Retired Employee of I.S.S.R which stands for Institute of Statistical Studies and Researches
2. Graduate of faculty of Sciences Cairo University Pure Mathematics but at a point of time as a student in that faculty took courses in Statistics and how to conducts them!
The reason of this introduction that the last part Cairo 360 was about statistics that I consider a rare thing to perform in Egypt, why? Cause all my years of service or studies in a very close field to statistics never really saw any statistical studies being actually performed best case scenario was a hi degree student in his research for his degree uses statistics performed by others without even knowing to which degree their accuracy was!
As an example to illustrate what accuracy means in today's electronic world let me talk of the statistics done by the TV shows responsible, people complain TV shows do not represent people concerns!
An accurate way to make a study is to take a sample -say 100 persons half of them male the other half is female- and here is the first error it is true a person can either be male or female 50% chances but who said our society is equally divided 50% males and the rest females? If we check birth certificates of any day we'll see some days it is 55% to 45% and in some extreme days could go to 100% to 0% in general it could be 48.174% females or males therefore the sample to be more accurate should be 52% to 48% and similarly in all other aspects that represents the society from age range to education level and so on!
I could suggest birth certificates office as an accurate source representing female/male rate in Egypt but even this depends on the accuracy level of the employee registering the certificate, not to talk of births never registered due illegal births!
As we see in all aspects of life we can never say accuracy is 100% we always have an error level but in the absence of statistics we can only depend on well known levels of error and a local factor should be applied to represent the society that have no statistics!
These are just historical facts does not mean D. Sami Abd El-Aziz statistics were not accurate or wrong, in fact 90% of what he said applies to me for the reasons he declared, when he said people follow Osama Kamal because he is calm and respectful lover of Egypt that applies to me and considering 15 is greater than 5 I belong to those who watch over 5 hours Cahera 360 is 2 and half hours time 4=10 hours each day he has a program, that is 10 watching hours for the Thursday program I see it life on line, then repeated in another channel, then 1st thing on Friday morning repetition on both channels (another 5 hours for same program) not to count the new one at 10pm one another 5 hours and so on every time he has a program 3 days a week obviously if I'm available to watch not outside somewhere! Moreover I agree with what was said about presenting guests and discussing with them in English, I add to it his English is clear well pronounced and you love to hear it not like many other people you'd better watch it muted and read the translation!
I have no Idea how D. Sami conducted or obtained his statistical study to sure thing is it was to a great deal accurate not only on what he said about Osama Kamal but all other presenters that I watch or did watch at a point of time before then changed my mind and decided to stop watching them either partially or totally. I agree with D. Sami on his descriptions of Ahmed Mousa or Ibrahim Issa ect.
Bottom line D. Sami Abd El-Aziz was a very good choice as guest to forgive Osama Kamal unintentional glitches in his programs he is a human not God!
As I write this article day after day adding words or sentences and removing as well the subjects change and new ideas come up either I change my whole article after the necessary modifications or I add up this new idea as part of my original article, and the new idea that come up -once again by Osama Kamal- is the people with special needs, and the special needs of the government of accurate statistics, statistics that reflects the fact that is person is of special needs!
Here again this issue is part of my specialty; as a specialist of information technology I had to built a database of new applicants want to join the Institute of Statistical Studies and Researches for a higher degree, that easy all you need was a name, age, degree of graduation, and the desired  degree to study then sort them alphabetically and issue Sit Numbers!
For those who do not know what is a database I would say a schedule of lines and columns each line is called RECORD and each record contains several FIELDS -the columns-  and because it is a database not a schedule it contains fields that can not be changed like the record number and the date of its creation! More over the number of fields each record contains can change over time as new info is needed and some information can be hid as we do not need to see the age of the student in his sit number, but we need to see the results of his exams and this is the beauty of a database you can add fields -identifiers- as needed and obviously no limits to the record numbers it is a never ending base the only limit was the disk space and even this with new techniques and technologies become unlimited thanks to networking and internet!
The only obstacle here is the human mind and the people who want to create their database from scratch I do not acknowledge the birth certificate registered in the registrar office thou I always need a copy of your birth certificate and if not original it has to be authenticated! How can I use the birth certificate records to identify my students in my school? No way I need to create a new data base!
But this new record contains all fields already existed in the original birth certificate database in a different order added to it your own fields to say this person is in first or second elementary year, in this new database you created to wasted time to re-enter info already exist and you wasted as well computer time to identify that Ahmed Mohamed who's father is Mohamed born from Fatma on the 2/3/2016 is the same Ahmed Mohamed you have in the kinder garden! You could save all this time by using that database already created and add to it the necessary fields to indicate this child is in kinder garden then add your fields as needed when this child passes from kinder garden to elementary school then secondary up to the university degree and so on!
Same applies to the office of National Identification number that means a person gets his ID Number the day he was born he does not have to wait until he is 16 years old to get an ID Card! And to those who would protest saying ALL BABIES LOOK ALIKE how we would Identify that this is the right person? Like their parents identify them any where all the time! Take his picture and you already renew ID Cards every 6 years to follow on the natural changes by the age so the necessary fields already exist in your database! THIS way we will really have ONE UNIFIED NATIONAL DATABASE were it is accessible by all authorized personnel to add records in any ministry or government entity!
I rest my case repeating what the president said few days back “Some times we think in an old traditional way and ignore new Technology ways that facilitates life!”
Indeed how many of the official entities in the government have their plans announced on the internet not in press conferences? How many of them has an Internet place that FACEBOOK users can use to find news???????
Please God Keeps us Unified in out National Home Land Egypt that God only blessed, keep blessing Egypt and Egyptians may your peace be upon all of us; Peace be with you ALL!