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  • Friday ,06 May 2016

St. George the Prince of the Martyrs

Father Asanasius

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Friday ,06 May 2016

St. George the Prince of the Martyrs

When Diocletian issued decree to burn the churches and the demobilization of the Christians from work and confiscation of their property, St. George was a Christian prince in Cappadocia. He decided to declare his Christian faith and torn the king’s decree into pieces.

He knew that his eternal life is priceless comparing to the current life. Thus, he considered everything a loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus. He was excited and happy even with the prosecution and tortures.
His story was full of faith and courage. Thus, he was named prince of the martyrs. He is praised by the church and its congregation.
He was great leader, hero and daring knight. Furthermore, he was killed 7 times and returned to life by a miracle of the Holy Spirit and the glorified cross of our Lord Jesus Christ.
The Holy Spirit is alive and works in His church like He worked in the past within the great martyr St. George. His intercessions may lead us to freedom and kingdom of heaven and support us and heal us. We ask for his intercessions before God that He may forgive us our sins.