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  • Thursday ,05 May 2016

Conspiracy against the motherland

Michel Fahmy

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Thursday ,05 May 2016

Conspiracy against the motherland

Chief of journalists said that he will not shoot himself to treat his headache. He forgot about the serious situation in Egypt and the call of the President to unite against conspiracies that threaten Egypt.  

Chief of journalists decided to hide fugitive criminals inside the journalists syndicate. He called to remove the minister of interiors as if he is taking control of the country. He threatened to take the crisis to an international level. He should have punished those who fight against Egypt in the current situation. 
The seventh day newspaper said that 70 soldiers were killed in Sinai and were the first to accuse the Egyptian police of killing the Italian student. 
 You lied to the Egyptians, but the history remembers all you shameful acts. You may insult the Egyptian people from Upper Egypt and accuse them of stupidity, but this will only add one sin to your sins.
You may get the support of several agents like Mona Mina, Khalid Youssef, Hamdin Sabahi, Diaa Rashwan and Ibrahim Essa. They only do this in order to gain money or seeking fame or revenge. Yet, the public prosecutor decided to arrest Mahmoud Badr and 15 others on charges of inciting against the Egyptian state and carrying weapons. They didn't carry pens and cameras you deceitful liars! 
Egypt will remain powerful and united even if you don't like this. Its soldiers and police men will protect it with power of God. Long live Egypt.