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  • Wednesday ,04 May 2016

Journalists will triumph at the end

By-Saeed Sunni

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Wednesday ,04 May 2016

Journalists will triumph at the end
The recent escalation against Journalists Syndicate leading police to storming the Syndicate last Sunday in order to arrest two journalists, which is considered the first incident in 75 years. The police have violated the law of the Syndicate, which states that the inspection of the Journalists Syndicate is only permissible for a member of the public prosecutor in the presence of journalists’ Chairman or his representative (Article 70).
It’s worth mentioning that this law was issued during the Era of Nasser which was considered as tyrannical and even the worst in the Egyptian modern history. 
The regime is angry with journalists as if they were the cause of all problems and negligence in Egypt including the Russian aircraft, Egyptian airplane hijacking, the Italian student death, the two Saudi islands, the Ethiopian dam and the increasing prices of the US dollar.
Such insane decision to storm the Journalists Syndicate will distort our image on international scale more than what the Italian student death made.
The journalist only does their job using their pen and smart phones. They report right to the audience in order to do their job. Therefore, constitutions and laws grant them protection. 
Such protection is mandatory for several careers like lawyers, police men, judges and the president. Yet, police don’t like Journalists Syndicate because many wronged people resort to it to claim their rights. This should be OK as long as they express their opinion peacefully.  It should be considered like Hyde Park in London, where all people can express their anger and opinion without any obstacles. People who gather on the stairs of Journalists Syndicate offer police great opportunity to secure their demonstration without hindering the traffic. Journalists will triumph and Minister of interiors should leave his office sooner or later. Long live Egypt.