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  • Tuesday ,03 May 2016

Sham El Nesim and developmental media

Mena Habeeb

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Tuesday ,03 May 2016

Sham El Nesim and developmental media

On May 2nd, Egyptians celebrate the feast of Sham El Nesim, which is an old feast dates back to the Pharos. On that day, Egyptians go out and enjoy the green parks and eat colored eggs and different kinds of fish as well as spring onion. This feast was prohibited by the extremist Islamic scholars several times; however, the Egyptians love to celebrate that feast and enjoy its traditions in the open.  

In fact, I love such traditions though I don't practice them very often. I love to see millions of Egyptians united in one day without having something in common except their love for the nature and the tradition of the old feast. 
The only bad thing I see on that day is lots of Egyptians throwing garbage in the parks and the streets, which makes them very dirty. I think that we need to teach the people new habits on that day and similar occasions.
As a developing country, Egypt needs to focus on developmental media and use it to teach the people how to develop their income and develop their morals as well.
Such developmental media should focus on campaigns to teach the people the importance of keeping their streets clean, and only to throw garbage in trash can. This is a very important role of media in a developing country like Egypt. Yet, Egyptian media focuses in such occasion on how many people were sexually harassed on the streets and how many people suffered from food poisoning! This will not build our country or develop it indeed.