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  • Friday ,29 April 2016

Jesus Raised Indeed He Is Risen

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,02 May 2016

Jesus Raised Indeed He Is Risen

Once again a conflict with the respectful Osama Kamal of 360 degrees TV program! He did his best to praise and give respect to Jesus and his beloved mother St. Mary the Virgin that God said you will be praised for ever in the WHOLE WORLD!  However, turning his program in a Christian Occasion to an Islamic gathering full of conflicts and as a first one was what was said by M. Abd Alla El Naguar he said and repeated his say more than once that Jesus was born by a miracle from the Virgin Mary -correct- WITHOUT A FATHER?! -Biggest error and conflict ever heard! WHO IS OUR FATHER the FATHER OF ALL HUMANITY AND ANY LIVING PERSON? 

All respectful people guests of Osama Kamal praised Jesus and Christianity admitted that the holly Koran praised Jesus the Virgin Mary and Christianity but they proved NONE of them ever read one single word of the Holly Bible! And another question rises here if Islam admits and embraces Christians and it is well known that Christianity is based on Forgiveness and blessing who curse you then what is the meaning of that law -Religion Disrespect- that put Islam El Behery in prison moreover young children joined him and no one cares about the roots of that law !
I said it before and I repeat it here any law that chooses to apply on them and closes its eyes on others can not be constitutional to make it clear let us say a guy kills someone and no one cares people will rise and demand justice; if that killer has connections best practice would be a fake investigation that leads to his release without charges but people will notice that something is wrong specially if the murder goes without punishment; but a crime to go without even any one bothers or reaction this means the whole criminal law is NOT CONSTITUTIONAL!
I rest this case and go back to the question that I never got an answer for it neither from Orthodox living in Egypt nor from any other person out of Egypt my question was is and remains until I get a clear answer for it...
“How many times Jesus was born and how many times he RAISED?”
I rest all my cases in this HOLLY Occasion I'm still sad awaiting his light to come to say Jesus Raised indeed he is Risen! And when it comes I'll be busy celebrating the mercy and love God gave us!
May God Keep blessing Egypt and Egyptians and his PEACE be with you ALL!