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  • Friday ,29 April 2016

Why do you serve?

Dr. Samuel Fekry

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Friday ,29 April 2016

Why do you serve?
During the Holy Week, you may ask yourself why you serve Jesus Christ. This is a question that you should answer honestly. You may choose to serve since you have free time, or you may seek benefit or fame or authority. You may also aim to develop your skills or you may seek a job inside the church.
Only few people are trustworthy since they experienced the unconditional love of our Lord. They experienced his work in their lives, and they accepted His grace and divine redemption. They believed in the holy bible and accept the leadership of God in their life. They don’t care about hardships or oppressors since they believe that God is able to change them for good.
They want to share messages from the bible with many people in order to deliver the love and salvation of God. They take Jesus Christ as their shield and know His appreciation for every soul. 
If you want to serve with Jesus Christ, let Him work with his power. Forget about your dignity and self before you carry your cross and follow him. Be realistic and modest and show your love and appreciation to the people you serve. Do the good and show mercy on everybody and offer your best in the service. You may serve him while you busy working before even you have free time. Your life should be a series of services everywhere and every time. The church has to glorify God with true ministers who preach and do the right thing.