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  • Thursday ,03 March 2016

Morsi Re-Elected as New President! (American Version)


Short But Not Sweet


Thursday ,03 March 2016

Morsi Re-Elected as New President! (American Version)
America's dim future seems to be materializing more and more everyday. In the beginning, it was a joke that this multi-billion dollar, self-proclaimed prophet, racist elitist would be running for president in America. 
The joke is on us. Donald Trump is winning in the polls, and it is now being googled "how to immigrate to Canada" by Americans. This is unbelievable that Americans are electing this crazy nut to run the White House. A large group of Americans are honestly considering moving over to Canada to escape the disaster about to unfold.
Maybe it will be time for an American Revolution? I can't believe my eyes that Americans are electing a monkey and will be suffering the same fate as Egyptians did just 3 years ago.