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  • Monday ,29 February 2016

The Red Alley

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,29 February 2016

The Red Alley

Put it in Arabic -الدرب الاحمر- or El-Darb El-ahmar = Red Alley this was a popular neighbourhood were many Egyptians lived upon ex president R.I.P. Sadat newly empowered presidency events started and a sectarian violence spread from there in a speech Sadat said the reason was “Laundry of a Christian Priest was leaking on the laundry of a Muslim Priest who got upset and violence spread1” we note that:-

1. The fault started from a Christian
2. If it was reversed it started from a Muslim knowing Christian principals call to forgiveness this would had never become a sectarian violence!
Well since then Christians in Egypt become the prime target hopping the bring down Egypt -recall Egypt’s enemies were not born By Night they were there since ever-!
Muslim Brotherhood -MB for short-did not appear just like that they were created by the number 1 Egypt’s Enemy who wanted to keep Egypt under his control the British Empire! And since then the prime target to bring down Egypt has become Christians of Egypt!
So many times sectarian violence or precisely MB attacking Christians hopping this will lead to a massive war and split the country between Muslims and Christians the plan was successfully implemented in Sudan and many more countries but due to God’s Blessings to Egypt it always failed and Egyptians remained united!
I pointed in previous articles how Egyptian Muslims in the origin are 2 types the one that lived in Egypt Christians or non Christians there was Egyptians who still believed in Amoun as God or the Nile or the Sun Isis was a goddess for old Egyptians and Raa as well but many of them when meat with the true world of God become Christians!
Those Egyptians Christians and non Christians when faced Islamic Invasion and the then famous saying “Become a Muslim to survive!” the luck of faith in non Christians made them surrender and become Muslims, however many Christians in spite of their faith, they were facing death had to surrender and later on when Arab Invaders cooled off new laws imposed taxes called -Guezya- to non Muslims, failing to pay it would face serious problems and unfortunately most money making jobs were monopolised by the invaders or the Arabs or who had ties to them, well all those Muslims -originally Egyptians- remained Egyptians under their skin! However some Arabs -invaders- liked the country and settled in Egypt though they become Egyptians by choice and naturalization according to today’s laws deep inside them they still have ties to non Egyptian origins!
Back To Sectarian Violence
As I pointed at the beginning took the sharp turn upon Sadat presidency but it was always there and R.I.P. Emperor Hilay Sellacy the Emperor or Ethiopia upon R.I.P. Gamal Abdul Nasser presidency had threatened to cut off Nile water supplies from Ethiopia if Christians in Egypt were badly treated! There is an archive picture of the Trio Nasser between Pope Kurolos and Emperor Sellacy with a protocol smile on Nasser’s face while you can see the anger and disgust in his looks!
I can not locate that archive picture of Al Ahram newspaper but here is a You Tube clip of the celebrations of the new Cathedral inauguration!
So sectarian violence was always the primary ignition of a war to bring down Egypt and took another sharper turn upon Mubarak era for 30 years!
Once again God’s blessings to Egypt made Egyptians remain united in spit of the differences in religion though they all believed in one unique GOD!
Ousted Mubarak however did not put an end to the sectarian violence as this was an MB weapon not of Mubarak we saw so many attempts to ignite a civil war like in Lebanon years ago! All non Islamic sites, cities or what so ever are the primary target, we see it in Syria, and Iraq today, enemies are different but all of the same unique principal all Christian symbols must be demolished and brought down to the ground! We saw historical archaic symbols monastery its.historical value more than its religious one being demolished what was the achievements with this act but to get more disgust from Christians and more fears from non Christians?
Does MB think or believe they can be the sole and unique religion on earth by killing all Christians? What about the Jews, or Budists and Hindu and Tebt religions?
Well let each defend themselves I’m concerned of Egypt and Egyptians that their president tries his best to support Youth of Egypt and gain their loyalty, gratitude and support, but mean time we see future youth to be -children and young boys less than 6 years old- being persecuted and condemned to prison -blowing away their future- under a non constitutional law! 
Why that law is non constitutional? A constitutional law applies to each and every human being on that constitution no exceptions what so ever, but this non constitutional law never applied to many well known persons therefore can not be constitutional!
Many human organizations tried to express their dismay for that prison statement but still this is unacceptable as it considers the statement Legal which is NOT is the law or decision or what so ever is based on a non constitutional principal can never be LEGAL!
Same applies to those Egyptians who ask the president to interfere, his reaction will give legitimacy to the whole act that put Islam El Behery, Fatma Naout and those children in prison, only acceptable re-action is to abolish that unconstitutional act in the set of laws that need urgent review by the specialists NOT THE PRESIDENT!
I rest my case reminding you all that this is MB acts aiming sectarian violence to start a civil war and bring down Egypt but in their plans they did forget that GOD BLESSED EGYPT and Egyptians May his peace be upon you all.