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  • Tuesday ,23 February 2016

Between police and the people


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Tuesday ,23 February 2016

Between police and the people

Police will always remain faithful and loyal, while the people are the sinners, criminals and traitors that don’t deserve protection of the police. This is how media always talk when it comes to comparison between police and the people. Police defend the people and the nation while the people are the one who gives up his dignity and even threatens the nation.

Policemen are said in media to sacrifice their souls for the sake of the nation, while the people have never offered similar sacrifice for the nation.
Media may claim later that all wars in which Egypt has engaged at between 1948 till 1973 were carried out by the honorable police officers, while the people have fled from the battlefield in order to save their lives!
Media and businessmen should celebrate in love poems with police since they are the real beneficiaries from police that protect them from the mean worthless simple people.