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  • Monday ,22 February 2016


J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,22 February 2016


In last week’s article Recalculation is a Must I pointed out conspiracies and stand by plan B and C up to Z if not going over to A1, B1...

I pointed out that Mosad, CIA and MI6 joined forces to create that Islamic State to bring down that Soviet Union Empire that was a real threat to USA plans specially when they did try to invade Pakistan that was the starting point of the Saudi Arabia expelled prince Osama Bin Laden, that went to Pakistan in a so called warrior for freedom of Pakistan!
This Soviet/Pakistan fight was the 1st defeat for that Empire followed by many more until it collapsed! 
In last weeks comments over the social Network Facebook I saw someone wondering 
How come that ISIS or Daesh never attacked Israel!
Please read over the paragraph above before trying to ask any more questions, who is Mosad? It is not the secret intelligence of Israel and its most powerful entity? Did you ever expect this most powerful intelligence of Israel would create a powerful enemy?
Let us recap...
Me as an Egyptian I have no problem with whomever is in Palestine! We had a problem due to wrong doing of politicians solved in Camp David so me and Israel are no more Enemies! Politicians branded Palestine as an Arabic country, but Arabs are the inhabitants of Saudi Arabia peninsula that until Prophet Mohamed and Islam started they never left their country or let us say their tribes and oasis! Some merchants possibly visited Palestine or Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Jordan they were exploring additional near by Markets for their merchandises not intending to settle there or invading those places!
Any way bottom line is none of those countries were Arabic, but after the Islamic invasions that included most Mediterranean Sea countries, as they wanted the Mediterranean Sea to become Arab Sea or Islamic Sea but their plans come to an end in Spain that Tarek Bin Zyad never really concurred to keep going to the rest of the Mediterranean Sea countries from Italy to France and so on, the only real thing Tarek Bin Zyad accomplished in Spain was giving his name to the spot her tried to concur Gibraltar that is -Gabal Tarek- in English.
All invaded countries upon the Islamic Invasions were proclaimed Arab countries, but historically none belonged to them as I demonstrated above, or else why Egypt invaded by French never become French or later when invaded by British never become British? Moreover why Gibraltar that stopped the Islamic Invasion to the Mediterranean Sea never was proclaimed as Arabic? 
Note that the Islamic Invasion path in Africa was Egypt, Libya, Tunis, Algeria and Marco then crossed the Mediterranean Sea to Spain, it was never intended to move around Africa to Ivory Coast or Nigeria as for Sudan this was part of Egypt until the British Empire decided to be a separate country!
However, now we see Nigerians claim to be an Arab country, South Africa apparently too far to join the ARAB LEAGUE are those newly Arabized -from being Arabic- countries try to join forces or hope to get stronger being Arabic? Is the Saudi Arabian Invasion that tries to take over Syria a force to join to become STROGUER or an illusion that tries to prove it is not an illusion in Yemen?
Recall that Egypt upon its glory times used to send the covering cloth for the HOLLY KAABA! Petrol was not in power then but true Egyptians were! Remember that upon Islamic invasion to Egypt any one who was not MUSLIM had no choice but to die or become Muslim, then as things settled with the invaders a new choice become available “Pay Jezya” you pay a fine to retain your religion and your head upon your shoulders as well! Not many Egyptians could afford this penalty so they had to hide or pretend they become Muslims and many of them due to his weak faith just gave up his faith, so original Egyptians Muslims are real Egyptians not ARABS!
Therefore in conclusion Palestine belonged to Palestinians, just like Lebanon be longed to Lebanese, Syria to Syrians and so on but Islamic invasion claimed those countries as Arabic, and the British Empire seized the occasion to apply the divide to rule policy!
Most countries were either British or French colonies they would never overcome a united Arab world it was a must do it specially after the WWII used all their resources and too tired to resume fighting in the Arab world, so Israel was planted to be a resource of divide to rule!
Non of the countries that rejected the United Nations Resolution in Palestine was really eager to win the fight, it was just a poor political demonstration to scare Israel but Israel was smart enough not to fall in this trap! But real solders who faced death on 1948, could only see an enemy shooting at them and killing them, not the political propaganda, no body told them that Lebanon stop fighting or Iraq is not there or Jordan run away!
Obviously ex-president R.I.P. Nasser was one of those who risked their life for the Palestinian -FAKE- cause and missing true facts fall in the trap that cost him and his helper R.I.P Abd El-hakim Amer their lives but well that is life if you are not alert to true historical facts you will fall in the trap and that trap R.I.P. Sadat took us off it and paid his life for it!
Obviously they, Nasser, or Sadat did not have all facts, Sadat was inspired by his deep view behind the scenes he could see what ordinary people can not, he understood historically had no other reason to hate Israel other than the occupation of his land, but his land was occupied by Israel as a self-defence from Nasser that seemed to them as a perpetrator or that is how Egypt’s enemies portrayed him, you see enemies are not created by the night but they were always there in different ways!
Well having explained why I have no problems with Israel it is important remind you all that still see in the news and on Facebook and in Newspapers the all time what means that any problem or crisis is due to American-Israel conspiracies! No it is conspiracies yes, but from Egypt’s enemies whomever they are!
Without naming Names, Egypt has enemies that are trying to destroy Egypt which is the main set back of their plans, their plans failed and keep failing because God Blessed Egypt and its people whoever they are whatever their religion is they are Egyptians who loved, love and will keep loving Egypt and because of them God blessed Egypt may his peace be with you all.