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  • Thursday ,18 February 2016

Detention further renewed for journalist Hisham Gaafar


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Thursday ,18 February 2016

Detention further renewed for journalist Hisham Gaafar

Supreme Prosecution of Homeland Security extended the detention of journalist Hisham Gaafar on Tuesday for another 15 days.

Gafaar, who is managing director of Mada Foundation for Media Development, faces charges of belonging to a terrorist group and receiving foreign bribes.
He was arrested on 21 October 2015 when police forces raided the Mada Foundation in the 6 October City. He was declared missing after security forces took him to an undisclosed location for 48 hours. His lawyers later found him at the National Security Apparatus prosecution and it was discovered that he had been held at Al-Aqrab maximum security prison.
His arrest sparked concerns from other local rights groups. A joint statement was issued in late January by several NGOs, activists, and journalists, condemning his detention and demanding his immediate release.
They also highlighted legal violations he faced while in detention, such as not allowing his defence lawyers to attend the investigations with him.