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  • Thursday ,18 February 2016

Doctors’ syndicate to stage protest against police brutality


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Thursday ,18 February 2016

Doctors’ syndicate to stage protest against police brutality

The Doctors’ Syndicate will stage a one-hour protest in all government hospitals on Saturday Feb. 20 to protest police brutality against doctors, Youm7 reported Wednesday.

“The protest is a message to stakeholders to implement the decisions of the syndicate’s general assembly including the immediate referral of the police officers who attacked the doctors at Matariya hospital to prosecution,” the syndicate announced Wednesday.
According to the statement, the syndicate had notified the Interior Ministry of the planned demonstration, to comply with the 2013 protest law, which criminalizes any gathering without permission from security forces.
The syndicate also called on doctors not to chant political slogans during the protest. It also set specific slogans to “enact legislation to toughen punishment against attacks on hospitals,” according to the statement.
On Friday, thousands of doctors attended an emergency meeting in Cairo by Egypt’s Doctors’ Syndicate after policemen, accused of assaulting doctors and nurses at Matariya hospital, were set free.
They voted with 56 percent approving of providing medical services to patients at government hospitals for free as an escalatory measure against the Health Ministry. They also called for dismissal of health minister Ahmed Emad El Din for not protecting doctors.