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  • Monday ,15 February 2016

Recalculations Is A Must

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,15 February 2016

Recalculations Is A Must
I promised last week to Explain why President miscalculated since when Egypt was targeted well he was too young to see and realize beyond the 6th. October 1973 events or even just like me then we all -Egyptians- saw in R.I.P. Nasser the Father of the nation (well that is what we were taught at schools then)! We all were too young to be able to see and analyse facts:- Here are the facts...
1. R.I.P Nasser was a student of Hassan El Bana
2. He and R.I.P Sadat were both members of the Muslim Brotherhood before being members of the Free Army Officers who mounted the revolution of 23rd.July 1952.
3. Muslim Brotherhood seeking power and control were the 1st to knowledge the coup d’Etas as revolution, why? They expected Nasser to pass on powers to the general Guide, but they did forget that Nasser as well wanted power and control!
4. Nasser did not only overthrown King Farouk but his superior officer Mohamed Naguib that his fellow officers trusted to lead the group as his rank and expertise suggested, but this was not accepted by Nasser who took him off power and put him in custody till -Nasser- died!
5. Even R.I.P. Sadat could not be free from Muslim Brotherhood teachings that lead him to his sad end!
Was 23rd. Of July 1952 Revolution A Possession of powers to Muslim Brotherhood?
No way the Muslim Brotherhood was active way before 1952, the Cairo Burning 1951 was a way to create confusion and mistrust between Egyptians increase hatred between Jewish Egyptians pushing them to the promised land in Palestine and concluding the original plan of Lord Balfour Declaration!
So in conclusion Egypt was under attack since 1948 or when MI6 created Muslim Brotherhood? Or may be even before when the British Empire decided to invade Egypt?
Going forward to more recent history when D. Tawfik Okasha 1st declared we were -Egypt- under a 4th. Generation War attack!
4th. Generation Wars?!
This was something new to me and thanks to Google I could learn a lot about this 4th. Generation wars but instantly when this 4th Generation war was mentioned a vital question jumped into my head 4th. Generation means the possibility of 5th, 6th. , and many more generation wars could exist or become a next step, like in old time wars winning a battle is not the end of the war, similarly loosing a battle is not loosing the war therefore I would not be surprised if we are currently fighting in a 5th or 6th generation war!
It is not my duty or task to prove this is the reality or not, my duty is to write an article based on facts, eliminate lies and prove this was a lie or true event based on historical facts, that is why my first search over the net for historical facts I’m not aware of was choosing reliable sites for historical events like Wikipedia; I had said it before and many honourable guys like Osama of the 360 program said it there are sites on the net designed to spread rumour and lies, definitely Wikipedia is not one of them!
Why Recalculations Is A Must
As we see History tells as a lot, historical events can not be altered but the philosophy behind them can, my analysis to events can not be identical to yours each of us has his points of views for example what I call Coup D’Etas 23/06/1952 others call Revolution, exactly like people call the 30/06/2013 Coup D’Etas while I call it Revolution the point here is not just philosophical views but facts and recalculations! The fact is there is a religion whatever it is and it is misused to achieve personal goals, old times showed us how Christianity was used to conquer the world in the name of Christ using Crusaders, it is not much different than what ISIS or Daesh is trying to do in the name of Islam may be they want to recreate that historical event in the name of Islam hopping to achieve better results than crusaders recalculating the side events that lead to the fall down of Crusaders!
But is it Isis the origin or just an output of the origin that was Muslim Brotherhood -MB for short from now on- well let us use the latest on technology the internet and Tablets to investigate a simple question on Google that is:-
Why MB was created and by whom?
Obviously Google does not know my abbreviation MB-Muslim Brotherhood however here is a sample of the results:-
As we see 3rd link was Muslim Brotherhood Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia
And the story starts here once you keep digging in Wikipedia, you will see conspiracies went from the single intelligence MI6, to co-affiliated agencies MI6+CIA and even Mossad the Israeli intelligence allied to trick the world into that Islamic and religious terrorism that was targeting the SOVIET UNION and indeed they did destroy it -It was not blessed by God like Egypt!-
I can keep writing books and books about the Terrorism War that turned to target the whole Middle East including its heart -Egypt- They spread all over Africa and Asia from Nigeria to Taliban warriors are sent to Syria and Libya from all over those countries and many more WHY?
The answer is simple plan A then if something goes wrong there is a backup plan B, and C and so on! What was wrong disregarding the FACT the Egypt and only Egypt was blessed by God and he said it loud and clear (A thousand might fall dead around you, ten thousand all over but you will not be harmed you will look and see how the wicked are punished! From Psalm 91) indeed when I see Muslims killing Muslims and Jews killing Palestinians that turned to become terrorist just for a piece of the blessed land Sinai where God gave his 10 commandments to Mosses that proves how much we are blessed in Egypt, I recall R.I.P. Sadat had signed in Camp David a peace agreement with Jews of Israel he said it too let 6 October 1973 be the last war and let us TALK to solve problems, problems initially created not by Jews and Palestinians but Intelligence to keep the spot a boiling point, and we still hear and see each and every conflict is said to be Ameri-Israeli plan even MB is an American and Israeli conspiracy we see the Palestinian guy throw a stone on an Israeli Solder but when he defend him self with a gun shoot he is the aggressor who kill poor Palestinians!
Well as we see each and every fact can be seen 360 degrees some giving excuses and some condemning the act, so we really need recalculation of facts! 
When President El-Sisi calculated what is going in Egypt as far as 6th October 1973 he was just like me too young to realize that ex-president R.I.P. Nasser was a MB member NOT the father of the Nation that I did cry -the only president I cried for- and felt like if Egypt become orphan after his death! Yes this is whet schools taught us and we were too young to see the real facts!
If we really want to built this country Egypt, we have to keep our faith in God and keep working NOT JUDGING leave judgements to the only Judge GOD, may he keeps blessing Egypt and Egyptians and his peace be upon you ALL.