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  • Monday ,08 February 2016


J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,08 February 2016


I was not in vacation - how can a retired person be in vacation? - but after my short visit to my second home land Antigua I feel like if I was in vacation that ended before I realize, what a shame, but well that is life!

After 2 weeks of missing my weekly article -not intentional but I might write about it sometime in the future- I feel like back in life, it has become like a habit with a difference; how come? Well at old times I remember -R.I.P.- my mother used in quite moments when she was free for herself and not to think or do household duties like cleaning, ironing, cooking or taking care of other duties she would go for her notebook; It was her diaries, writing down what had happened that day and her own thoughts of the events,almost all that was strictly personal and top secret no one had the right to read them, but as a nosy person I did, well it was after she died but still I breached her privacy and sorry for that!
This is how I inherited that habit -writing down my personal thoughts, my top secret issues that no one had the right to read them, my first love to the neighbour’s daughter or my 1st sexual thoughts any teenager had and many more secrets I thought to die would be much more easier than to let someone read them, even without my knowledge, that is why that notebook never left my sight - that I have no recollection where it could be by now!- at the time my school bag or collage sumsonite suit case that I kept holding even after graduation and at work for many many years!
Well now as a technical wise that NOTEBOOK was replaced with an ELECTRONIC office document and there is no more secrets as I share my thoughts that I know God knows them all so if I’m not ashamed from God, why should I be ashamed from his creations!
I’m back on earth as in my unplanned vacation that I dreamed of it for so long even before leaving Antigua as I saw it coming; I had my job still but it was obvious it will never remain for ever, who would had think that the family business me and my family created out of nothing will go and vanish like if it was never there, who would had thought that God that never let down any one depends on him would replace by family business income with 3 other jobs including being hired by our worst competitor to that family business -may be he expected from me to disclose that business secrets but I would never betray any one trusted me for a second and may be that is why before the 3 testing months by law pass I was dismissed and once again to become the second in command of a technical school his creator seamed to be a threat for the then in power government and decided to hire me to take over, but once again nothing remains but GOD; this technician had gone, and the whole government failed elections and still God provided me a less important job but better pay salary as a Technical Assistant to the boss that created the Antigua and Barbuda International Institute of Technology-ABIIT-!
I repeat way before hand I expected the day would come that I’ll have to leave Antigua, if I’m without income how could I survive? I still had my old old job as a programmer I left in special leave without pay I could go back to it and had to do it but it is not the point here but the point here is that when I left Antigua it was not a planed leave but a short visit to a member in the family but things escalated had to go Egypt for my brother in law funeral then saw my house being stolen from me my whole life before leaving Egypt was reaped off me and I forgave the reaper but can never forget the act!
Bottom line when I saw my beloved 2nd country I float on space between reality I dreamed of so long and the fact I was really in Antigua so I was cut off all news of Egypt, and I was not in the mood to write, now that I’m back to earth seeing Egypt news I feel I miss something that is writing this article so I’m back and I have a lot to say specially commenting of the president’s comment about Egypt was taken down since October the 6th.1973 to 2013 for 50 years I commented of that post on Facebook saying “Wrong calculation it was taken down since 23/06/1952” and once again I admit I was wrong too cause if you recall this Ramadan -Ramadan 2015 soap called Jews Alley or “Kharet El Yahood حارة الياهود” shows this was way before the 23/06/1952 revolution, And this will be my next week article I promise you all!
In conclusion I’m glad to be back write this article and being Egyptian that is the only place God blessed and blessed his people that is I’m blessed by God thank you Jesus for your blessings and may the peace of the Lord be with you ALL!