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  • Monday ,04 January 2016

Is it Real or Another ...?

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,04 January 2016

Is it Real or Another ...?

In Manchester I do have a Satellite dish receiver from Gold-START that is not even silver or rusted caper. My Egyptian Astra receiver does way more, so to follow Egyptian news I mainly use the Internet and thanks God there in Manchester I’ve got 3 lap tops plus an old OVERLOADED PC I use them to follow the news over the Internet but I mainly see and follow Egyptian channels like CBC Extra or Sada El Balad, CBC, El Kahera Welnas and some other channels like ON TV!

Few days back I’ve got to see a full episode of the so called - Al Ashera Massa - were D.Tawfic Okasha announced his resignation from the parliament -the 1st ever freely elected by the people of Egypt- and announced his irreversible intention to leave Egypt for ever!
As an Information Technologist And EGYPTIANI know for sure the following facts:-
1. Any recorded material with the proper technician and technological material can be re-edited with whatever the people behind this want!
2. The episode I saw was not on line life but a recorded material that as I said in point 1 can be altered!
3. We are still at WAR on Terrorism and lot of lies around to create confusion the enemy can never face Egyptians United so rumours and lies are the best way to disperse them!
4. The dead line 25th of January is really close and plans are there for a big event!
5. The road map that finally fulfilled with the 1st ever freely elected Parliament is about to become a reality that the enemy wants at any cost to make it a dream that never come true!
6. D.Tawfic Okasha had previously tried to fool the public pretending he was against El-Sisi that the ex-traitor president Morsy appointed as head of the Army!
7. My only resources on Information are history, media, news and common scents, I do not have spies or special high level informants to guide me to the TRUTH!
Accordingly I can not trust 100% what it was said in that episode, however I would say knowing D.Tawfic Okasha origin and in his long long fight against dictatorship of all kinds Mubarak’s Dictatorship or Morsy’s or El-Sadat he is not the type of people who would leave a fight unfinished and run away, this immigration to Germany story sounds pure imaginary even if he has a family owned place there!
Well the celebrations of the new year 2016 kept me away from my daily duties and therefore my article was not ready on time, so as I did not want to start 2016 missing my weekly article I have to keep it short and to the point, so Egyptians Enjoy your new leap Year 2016, and enjoy God’s blessings to Egypt and Egyptians May the peace of the Lord be with you ALL!