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  • Friday ,01 January 2016

Mr. Adly is alive

Ezzat Boulos

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Friday ,01 January 2016

Mr. Adly is alive

“Egypt should devote its efforts to support love and respect among all Egyptians”. “The blood of Copts is not cheap”. “The Copts only demand a decent human life and equality with their fellow Muslims”. “Egyptian Wahhabi media only ruin Egypt”. “Forced conversion of Coptic minor girls to Islam, which is blessed by all state agencies, reveals deterioration of Egypt”. These are some of the sayings of the late Adly Abadir Youssef, which I still remember very well, especially with the new wave of attacks of Wahhabism against the Copts in Egypt.

Such Wahhabi attacks incite killing of the Coptic Christians at their churches by bomb attacks or even by armored vehicles of the Egyptian army when they claim their rights in demonstrations at Maspero. 
Words of Mr. Adly Abadir are still alive today, as the Coptic cause has not been solved yet.
Abadir enjoyed strong charisma and his influence extended too many Egyptians who understood his words. Therefore, he decided to expand the effect of his messages through conferences and websites. He was able to make a big difference on the long run through the website that he started.
I always remember Abadir and take him as role model. In fact, this man changed my life and future from an engineer to a writer and journalist. He discovered new abilities inside my soul. I’m really happy to meet this man who gave my life a new flavor and goal that I discover each day in my work in Copts United electronic newspaper. 
We are indeed proud that our newspaper carries the name and thought of its founder Adly Abadir. Everybody knew Abadir was genius, even if they didn’t like his ideas. He was simple, funny and respectful man. He was a great Coptic pioneer who made history and illuminated the way before Copts and Muslims in Egypt.
Abadir was “Egyptian to the core” as he described himself. He adored Egypt and gained the respect of his enemies. He was never intimidated by disease, fear or threats. Mr. Adly is alive in our hearts and will be forever.