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  • Wednesday ,30 December 2015

Building Churches in Egypt


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Wednesday ,30 December 2015

Building Churches in Egypt

The Egyptian government insists on fighting houses of worship, churches to be exact! Fanatics will never accept the idea that God is worshiped by Muslims inside mosques and by Christians inside churches.

They have never heard that developed countries allow houses of worship to be built according to a unified law.
In fact, building a brothel in Egypt is much easier than building a church! They can’t forget that Christians are infidels who are going to hell! They can only forget that God is the one who will judge people! They don’t like churches, just like demons hate them. 
When will they grow up and stay away from troubles and division. Many counties in the West have majority of Christians, but allow Muslim to build mosques according to the law.
Islamic countries can’t stay away from trouble claiming that the Islamic majority can’t stand rights of the minority. 
Let them read the history of Europe that has never developed until religion became personal matter and all citizens became equal before the court of law.
Extremism indeed prevents Egyptian Christians from achieving their goals in their country, only because some people consider them infidels. Egypt was among the developed countries long time ago, before extremism was used to ruin our life. I hope we learn the lesson and put an end to such extremism.