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  • Tuesday ,29 December 2015

Minister of Migration and Refugees


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Tuesday ,29 December 2015

Minister of Migration and Refugees

The Egyptian government introduced the Department of Immigration once again after it was canceled for twenty years. Two month ago, a female Minister for Immigration was chosen based on her CV and personal features. I remember the day she swore the oath of office before the president. She was wearing a nice dress, but our media criticized it instead of talking about her performance or CV. I had to write an article to apologize for such nonsense at that time. 

The great anchor Nagwa Ibrahim hosted the minister at her secondary school where she put on the uniform of the school without having a sense of guilt because of such funny act.
She talked about her struggle and characteristics that I would like to share with you in this article.
The minster works very hard, and since she took office, she traveled to the UAE, Australia, Jordan and France to recognize the problems of the Egyptians abroad. She took care of Egyptian victims of terrorism and claimed their rights.
She is a national Egyptian woman that cares about Egyptian customs and traditions. She filed a law suit to return an Egyptian child from Italy whose parents have passed away. She also supported an Egyptian woman who was imprisoned in Italy.
You may find the minister so simple when talking about her life, children and husband. She expressed her love to her man like an ordinary woman.
She proved she is a good cook after she hosted the crew in her house and made Mahshi which is an Egyptian food that takes some effort and a good cook. She said that she made 400 pieces of Mahshi in reception ceremony in Chicago for new consuls.
The woman is funny and always tells jokes even about herself. She told stories about how she used to sit at the back of her class because she is tall, and therefore, she decided to play basketball.
She is indeed a decent and respectful Egyptian woman. She is the Minister Nabila Makram Abdel-Shaheed, Egyptian Minister of State for Migration and Refugees.