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  • Monday ,28 December 2015

Merry Christmas

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,28 December 2015

Merry Christmas

I can't believe another year almost ending 2015, Christmas 25/12 passed or 7/1 will be soon, but in this issue I have a few points to discuss.I can't believe another year almost ending 2015, Christmas 25/12 passed or 7/1 will be soon, but in this issue I have a few points to discuss.

First point is that this year once again Christmas was on a FRIDAY and Egyptians by nature always treat visitors -the Muslims- like if they are the owners not just a visitors!
No I’m not drunk or hallucinating, we all know that Tarek Ben Zyad invaded Egypt, and invasion would never allow original owner to become part of the invaders or else there would be no Egypt since long time ago over 7000 years ago! There would BE FRENCE or England II may be Israel or who knows what else, they did not understood that Egyptians are the only nation God blessed!
This year and I guess most times Prophet Mohamed birth date coincided with our Christmas, however I do not know on which basis it is calculated, is it upon Islamic months that depend on the lunar system, or the Gregorian that most people use or the Coptic most accurate calculating system that omits the differences in real year fragmented portions that the world accepted recalculations but the bottom line is Jesus was Born ONCE only not twice when exactly God only knows, so was the Prophet Mohamed but Muslims like to dance any where any how they believe they should RULE the world but if it is so how come they did not so far?
Back to this year Friday 25/12/2015 as a Friday Muslim prayers took place like every Friday, but this year our International Egyptian TV Channel that I get its broadcast in Manchester spent the whole day in prayers, like if they want to spoil on Christian Egyptians their celebrations of Christmas, each time I which in it I must see some Islamic Religious Talks for the whole DAY!!
True they speak of the necessity to congratulate Christians of their annual unique event Christmas; but just the talk of it draws a BIG UNSEEN DISTIGUISH between Egyptians! All my life lived within many Muslims that were the first to celebrate Christmas and congratulate us -Christians- and we were returning the favour in their celebrations of Ramadan or the other big feast, but since ex-president R.I.P. Nasser decided to Convert Egypt to a Big Islamic ARABIC state things were messed up!
As I said in my opening paragraph Egypt was Invaded by Arabs Muslims under the leadership I Tarek Bin Zayad, he did invade all countries on the African White sea coast he was hopping to keep invading all around the sea countries in Africa, Europe and Asia so that the White sea becomes an Islamic Arabic Sea but his dreams fall apart in Spain he did invade apart of it know nowadays as Gibraltar that is the European -say as who hear it- name of Gabal Tarek and it become a monument of that invader, his prison that he built to enslave invaded people become the most famous WWII prison of prisoners of war then a monument no one is allowed to go inside it without special authorisations, Gibraltar like Egypt was invaded by the same Muslim Arab leader Invader but never like Egypt was said to be neither ARAB nor ISLAMIC country! GOT MY POINT?
The most respectful Real Egyptian and Human President Abd El-Fatah El-Sisi since Egypt become a republic said it so many times ALONE he can do nothing, he requested more than once to review the Religious Speeches but no one listens he had to seize the opportunity on the so called MOULED EL NABI to face all TOP Islamic Figures reminding them with his old request, moreover, he said it clear and nit:- Islamic practices are the worst ever message delivered to people about Islam so weak up guys may God keep blessing Egypt and Egyptian and the peace of the LORD be with you all!!!