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  • Thursday ,24 December 2015

International alliances

Naim Youssef

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Thursday ,24 December 2015

International alliances

The Saudi Arabia announced the formation of the International Islamic military alliance to fight terrorism. This is the third military alliances that have been formed during the last two years. How come 100 states in three alliances are not enough to fight ISIS?

The first alliance led by the United States of America completely failed in its mission. Then Russia announced a second alliance with the Syrian regime supported by China and Iran, and was joined later by France. Later, the Saudi Arabia announced the third international alliance which is the Islamic alliance. 
Saudi Arabia and most of the members of the new alliance are already members of the first alliance led by Washington. Why did they decide to join another alliance? 
There are two answers to this question. The first is that the Sunni countries headed by the Saudi Arabia decided to escalate the situation with Iran. The second is that such alliance aims to form ground troops to face ISIS on the ground, which was called to by US Secretary of State John Kerry.
There are two other international military alliances:  NATO and the Arab coalition in Yemen. Now, we have five international alliances consisting of about 120 countries. It looks like a third world wide war is at hand.