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  • Tuesday ,22 December 2015

Election talks

Michel Fahmy

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Tuesday ,22 December 2015

Election talks
Several Egyptian activists talk about the importance of democracy in Egypt following the Western instructions. Yet, the Parliamentary elections were held following the road map. The elections was good but the nominees were bad. 
The new MPs failed to embrace democracy in their acts and morals. Some of them won the election using electoral bribes. Others fooled the naive people making heroes of themselves. Others promised what they can’t fulfill promising several services for the people ignoring their role of legislation.
Do the voters know what the real role of members of the Parliament is? Do the new members of the Parliament know what their role is? This is the basics of democracy. Most of the voters were moved to vote by families, friends and electoral bribes.
Therefore, I repeat over and over that no democracy with illiteracy, sectarianism or poverty. Democracy requires decades of awareness and practice. 
The lack of such democracy allowed several people who won the parliamentary elections to quarrel with the government and fight to be the president of the Parliament or else the state is going to fail. This man accused police of working against his dream of being head of the Egyptian parliament.
There are several good members of the Parliament who understand the critical moment and are ready and willing to serve their country. However, it should be known that parliament members are representatives of the people, and not the rulers of the people. There are three authorities: the executive, the judiciary, and the legislature. Each authority has specialties and duties. Separation of authorities is critical to build a nation and practice democracy.