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  • Monday ,21 December 2015
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Sound of Music

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,21 December 2015

Sound of Music

This legend movie of the sixties has two major similarities with our lives then and now and how it was reshaped. First similarity was the music, 90% if not all local production had MUSIC! By local production I mean movies produced locally -in Egypt- using local funds or resources like director of photography or artists or whatever local resources to produce even Lebanon or Syrian movies! Not just Music but music we all loved and sung and danced on its rhythms, who can forget the bare foot dancer Samia Jamal or the unforgettable love songs of the Lebanon -Origin- Farid El-Atrash who lived and died in Egypt after the run away from their birth land due to political conflicts! Obviously since ever this area was a boiling area that without the BLESSINGS OF GOD would had disappeared!

Second similarity is religion in this movie “Sound of Music” we see Julie Andrews a nun to be -religion- and lots of parts of the movie were shut in a covenant or church some of the actors are performing as nuns! So the movie reflects some religious views!!  
Well what that has to do with today’s life in Egypt? To answer this question we need to have a look back to the 60’s when all Egyptians loved that movie! Some of them -including myself- saw it several times it was occupying one of the top class then theatre movie houses not for weeks but months! I need to remind you too that a movie would not stay for more than one week that is 7 days long and best movies would be allowed an additional week 2 at most only a few of them survived a full month or more the name some I would say Farid El-Atrash movies and his rival Abd El-Halim Hafez and the Indian movie Sangam as a first Indian movie in Egypt with its lovely songs and music, a last exception was the famous movie “To Sir With Love” that is still one of my all time favourite movie with “The Sound of Music”.
Mid 60’s was when the fight for power between ex-president Nasser and Muslim Brotherhood was at its top development! Nasser who seized power from King Farouk then Mohamed Naguib would not let go of his fruits, and MB -short for Muslim Brotherhood- wanted a piece of the pie they did allow Nasser to get, the rest is history well documented by many sources!
What I said in previous articles and I’ll keep saying until someone proves I’m wrong, is that Nasser in his fight with MB it was not due to change of views or principles but just a survival struggle or else he would had executed all MB members rather than putting them in prison until R.I.P. Sadat freed them to be killed by them!
Now, in his historical speech Nasser replying to the General Guide of MB who had asked him to impose “Hijab” as a regular dress to women, he tried to make it funny and sarcastic from the request, but in fact being a MB himself -Nasser- it was never meant to disobey such a request, he -alone or with MB or MB alone- planned to make it a reality!
By mid 70’s taxis and buses were driving around with religious cassettes advising people to be obedient, then little by little those cassettes become a public curse for non Muslim guys going to hell, religion -like in the Sound of Music- was used to reverse the side effects of that movie and all movies that music was a part of it, but the main reason to have a Radio in the world of no TV even when TV was introduced in Egypt coffee shops still had no TV’s yet and their only amusement was Radio and music!
Egyptians were blessed because by nature they are very religious -Jews, Christians or Muslims- there were very religious just following their believes no offence to any other religions that is why God Blessed them!
The Other major reason why I love the “Sound of Music” is Colonel Von Trap or Christopher Plummer his loyalty to his country Austria was incredible, made me personally cry as he sings a notional anthem and he did cry once and retained himself in the last great scenes of that movie when people positively responded and sung with him!
This movie shows us what it is loyalty to your country and this is what MB tried and keep trying to destroy nowadays! 
To me -and might be wrong in my conclusions- this movie was a basic plan for MB to destroy to reach power! Loyalty is easily destroyed, people who never had a bright day, who never enjoyed a peaceful life and suffered from poverty due to some vagabonds who stole the income of poor people to become richer and more powerful to keep stealing from the poor defend-less guys it was easy to win their loyalty to destroy those guys putting at GREAT RISK the WHOLE COUNTRY!     
I did what I had to do I spoke and said it all so help me God, and I do rest my case, for those who did not see that GREAT MOVIE “Sound of Music” you can watch it in full on my Facebook wall I did share it so enjoy the movie and try to see my message.
Please God -oh Lord- keep blessing Egypt and Egyptians may the peace of the LORD be with you all!