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  • Friday ,04 September 2015

Governmental Workers

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,05 September 2015

Governmental Workers

Because I have experience working for the government for such a long time, I wanted to talk about the new Civil Law for the governmental employees today. Lately, a lot of governmental organizations declared that they will organize a demonstration against the law.

There are two main points that we need to discuss regarding this law. The first point, is that we need a big reform relating to the employees in the government. This reform shouldn’t only deal with punishment or praise for the employees in their work, which the last law tried to do, because by this way we are trying to fix the pyramid from the top only but the bottom is the main part needing to be fixed.
When I talk about the bottom, I mean the work itself. If you need to praise or punish the employees, you should do that based on the volume of the work they are doing and the efficiently they are doing it. If there is no work to do, how will you punish or praise them? 
Many governmental organizations don’t have any work to do. The only thing they do have, is going to have breakfast and then chat together until the time of leaving. I can’t blame the employees in this case because if there is no work, what are they expected to accomplish other than relaxing and gossiping?
The reform should start from this point. The reform should start by creating real jobs and real tasks. Without this reform you will never be able to measure their work and being fair at the same time. 
The second point I want to discuss are the employees themselves. Governmental employees, because they are raised on having no work or little work in the governmental organizations, they began having a feeling that this is the norm, and that’s why when they get a lot of work they refuse to work because this is something didn’t get used to doing. In this case, the employees themselves need to change their perspective about work and at this time we can issue this law and judge their productivity.