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  • Friday ,28 August 2015

Slaughter of Coptic is religious duty for Salafis

Nabil al-Mekaddis

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Friday ,28 August 2015

Slaughter of Coptic is religious duty for Salafis

Yahya Rifai Soror, leader in the Salafi front, said that humans don’t have the right to live unless they worship God the right way. Therefore, it was lawful for ISIS to slay the Copts in Libya since they are infidels. He added that it is shameful for the Muslims that Christians were safe after the military coup.

He added on Facebook that shedding the blood of the Copts and all supporters of Sisi is permissible. Slaughter of Copts is but a religious duty, he explained. This is a sample of statements made by Salafi leaders, which makes it clear that they don’t respect Egyptian citizenship or human beings, and therefore, they don’t deserve to live on the Egyptian land.
I should have just ignored such statement since most of the Muslims I know don’t agree with it. However, such statements are useful since they reveal their ugly ideas against humanity and makes them even less than animals.
I blame the Egyptian government for not dissolving religious parties according to the Egyptian constitution. I also blame the civil parties for not suing to dissolve the religious parties according to the constitution. They gave up unity and safety of the Egyptian society. People are different in many things including religion, but they have one nation. Many fanatic fatwas were issued by these religious parties that threatened the safety of the Egyptian society since they are not very different from terrorist organizations including ISIS.
I know for sure that the Egyptians will reject their ideas since most of the Egyptians are moderate and know religion better than them. Those terrorists love to kill, but the Egyptians love the life. They admire retardation, but the Egyptians love technology. They can only see sex in a woman, but the Egyptians respect woman as human being.
They launch fatwas that insults people as well as religion, but the Egyptians seek better life in religion.
I salute those young people who launched anti-religious parties’ movement. They took an action after the government ignored such important role. Egyptians as moderate Muslims love their freedom and refuse bloodshed. True Muslims refuse demolishing churches and hurting the feelings of their fellow Coptic Christians. For long years, Muslims and Copts enjoyed good relationship that those killers didn’t like. Therefore, I invite all Egyptians to launch a campaign to reject religious parties. I pray to God in order to save Egypt, its army and president.