• 14:59
  • Thursday ,30 July 2015


By-Haidy Gabriel

Article Of The Day


Thursday ,30 July 2015


I did not write this topic during Al-Fitr feast since the Egyptian people were celebrating the feast.

The title of this article is "Dates" that were exploited by some people to incite sectarian strife between the sons of one homeland.
I think we live in a country that grants freedom of worship and allows Christians to raise their crosses on the churches and to hold their religious rites with the exception of some few places that have hateful intolerant spread by some ghosts that live among us and their goal is to destroy the national unity.
We also enjoy freedom on our Facebook pages as we can put religious pictures and verses from the holy bible. Therefore, I do not think that just distribution of dates with words of love by Coptic students should be considered preaching or even contempt of Islam.
This story makes me remember another that was happened at the end of the last year while medical student was arrested and taken to the prosecution in accusation of giving handbooks containing the teachings of Christ to all passers in the street.
I witnessed this matter and I knew the student and his family.  He was trying to spread love and tolerance after the spread of the hateful teachings of ISIS that are trying to trade on religion to achieve political goals.
The prosecutor refused the case as there are many decent people whom we never hear about. 
The action of the students were full of love but void of wisdom. However, Christianity teaches us to be full of love and wisdom as well.
I wanted to write the name of this decent prosecutor, but he refused since he only wanted to do the right thing. I hope we have many people like this man.