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  • Wednesday ,29 July 2015

Egypt's foreign ministry condemns Bahrain bomb attack


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Wednesday ,29 July 2015

Egypt's foreign ministry condemns Bahrain bomb attack

Egypt has condemned Tuesday’s bomb attack that killed two Bahraini policemen in the mainly Shia village of Sitra, south of the capital Manama.

No one has yet claimed responsibility for the attack.
The foreign ministry extended its condolences to the “families of the martyrs” in a statement, while wishing the injured policeman a speedy recovery. 
The bomb attack occurred days after the Bahraini government said it had foiled a plot that involved arms smuggling by two Bahraini citizens with ties with Iran, according to Reuters.
"Two on-duty policemen killed and one seriously wounded in a terrorist bombing that targeted them while on duty in the Sitra area," the Bahraini Interior Ministry said on its Twitter account. 
The account also added that five other policemen have suffered minor to medium injuries; assuring that all necessary steps are being taken in the case. 
“Egypt stands by and fully supports the leadership, government, and people of Bahrain in combating terrorism,” the spokesperson of the foreign ministry asserted in the statement.
Bahrain has been confronting an opposition movement rooted in its majority Shia citizens for the past four years.