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  • Thursday ,23 July 2015

Shield champion for martyrs of the revolution

By-Ashraf Helmy

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Thursday ,23 July 2015

Shield champion for martyrs of the revolution
Egyptians are eagerly watching the football matches between Al Zamalek and Al Ahly. Fans of the two big Egyptian teams are eagerly expecting their matches. These matches should be role models and good examples for tolerance, renounce violence and good morals.
Therefore, fans of the big teams should start accepting the others and showing their tolerance in order to teach children about this tolerance. 
This is very crucial at the current moment since we need to fix several security issues in order to prove to the whole world that Egypt is safe and is able to protect its people and its land. 
It’s worth mentioning that the opening of the new Suez Canal Project is expected next month putting extra pressure on Egyptian police and Egyptian government. 
Therefore, I hope the government give greater concern to the families of the martyrs of the revolution and even celebrate them inside the great sports events. The Egyptian president may hand the Shield champion to families of the martyrs after a simple military parade in order to send a message to the whole world that our armed forces is able to protect the country against its enemies.