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  • Friday ,03 July 2015

Suez Canal…new hope

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,04 July 2015

Suez Canal…new hope

As we are close to open the New Suez Canal, we have to take this event as Example of what we can achieve in short time. The new Suez Canal give us hope that Egyptian can do more than they can imagine.


New Suez Canal is just symbol of Egyptian Capabilities, Egyptian were just in need to someone to lead them in a good and fair system, however, Sisi shouldn’t be the only example in the country to make a progress because the country shouldn’t only depend on one person. 
I believe that the New Suez Canal not just will increase the national income but also will help in creating opportunities for many Egyptians after the announcing about what we call the corridor of development.
I can assure that the president open the new Canal that will give a lot of countries very good image about investment in Egypt. From my experience also travelling to different countries around the world especially to those countries they call it developed countries, I can say without any doubt that Egypt has great potentials even more than some of the develop countries and I saw that with my eyes so it’s not just words I say. 
The most important point now that we have to consider the new Suez Canal as start point to push towards a real progress that Egyptian seek and deserve. I also believe that we have to not only make new projects as one of the important means to achieve that progress but also we need to review som of our laws that represent a hinder to achieve that progress. 
I will just give an example of some of these laws , Tax laws, and here I have to say that law in Egypt is unfair because it let the rich people in Egypt pay Taxes as poor people and we have to stop that at all, we have to let everyone pay his taxes according to his income not according to what he wants.