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  • Wednesday ,06 May 2015

Danish and Pakistani experience

By Ashraf Helmy

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Wednesday ,06 May 2015

Danish and Pakistani experience
There were several disasters and calamities experienced in Egypt this month. 
First, 500 tons of phosphate sank in the Nile a week ago, which occupied the Egyptian public opinion amid floundering statements by officials and experts who tried to reassure the citizens about the polluted water. Experts assured that the phosphate contains a number of Heavy metals such as uranium and cadmium, which cause adverse effects on human beings in case of melting in the water. 
However, some Ministers claimed it’s hard to dissolve in the water since it’s a metal, which is totally wrong. It's a scientifically known fact that phosphate is a salt of phosphoric acid.
Second: The disaster of Egyptian Education that encourages backwardness instead of enlightenment. The committee to revise curricula of Al-Azhar included Sheikh Abbas Shoman who issued a fatwa to consider ousted President Mohamed Morsy an Islamic Caliph whom Muslim people should not oppose. What kind of government that makes such mistakes and brings such people to add more hatred to our curricula instead of separating religion from education. 
Third: The calamity of losing Egyptian satellite that the Russian manufacturer affirmed it has been lost after the Egyptian party refused to allow the Russians to control it. This satellite had helped the government in a number of development projects such as the New Suez Canal.
Fourth, a donkey could fool the security of Cairo International Airport and sneaked into the airport to accomplish a secret mission that could belong to ISIS or any other terrorist organization.
I think that members of the cabinet decided to benefit from both Pakistan and Afghanistan in education and medicine fields since they must have secrets of controlling the Egyptian satellites and donkeys that go everywhere without control by the Egyptian government.