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  • Wednesday ,29 April 2015

Feeling of inferiority by mad media

Michel Fahmy

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Wednesday ,29 April 2015

Feeling of inferiority by mad media
After the revolution of January 25, Egyptian media has turned into a great circus that full of ignorant and disloyal clowns. Soon, another kind of clowns that is full of narcissism and inferiority appeared. This naive kind of clowns believed they are able to mobilize the Egyptian people by flattering them. They think they lead and even manipulate the Egyptian people. 
During the state of chaos after the revolution of January 25, such clowns appeared to deliver certain messages to the people. Soon, President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi appeared to change such policy and fix the situation.
The clowns expected to gain some reward for their previous role, but they didn't as the President does not know favoritism for those unfaithful Egyptians who only know loyalty for themselves and not for their country.
They went mad and stared cursing the country and its leaders. Others started criticizing the leaders calling them cowards. Others started ruining the relationship between Arab countries. They went crazy as their feeling of inferiority has no cure.