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  • Monday ,20 April 2015

New Day New Hopes

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Monday ,20 April 2015

New Day New Hopes

Yes, really every new day comes with its own new HOPES, but here we talk of hopes for a brighter new day for Egypt that faces the war on Terror!

Some time ago, precisely on 26th July 2013, Egyptians come out once again after their revolution to confirm their trust to the Egyptian Army that faced lot of conspiracies since their bright stand-up in October 1973 victory! Conspiracies on the Egyptian Army reached their pick after ex-president stepped down leaving or confining the country to the Military Council! 
On the 23rd of July revolution Memorial Day the defence minister then Abd El-Fatah El-Sisi asked the people to authorise him to fight TERROR upon his speech! Egyptians immediately responded and authorised him to fight terror and since then Egypt is in an official war with Terror and Terrorism!
Few days ago I saw a post asking: When I authorise someone it is not his duty to say OK so I can resume?
Very smart post not implicating any thing explicitly but hides lots of images, the first image is:
Hey I authorised you but this authority is not forever!
Obviously who is meant by this post is our president and he tries to say there is something wrong!
Before resuming let me remind you with the everlasting performance of our parliament.
The Request of Minister of Interior!
Some time by the end of year 2010, the then minister of interior requested the extension of the martial laws for another renewable period! The assembly general gathered not to discuss the reasons or ask for explanations from the minister but to vote “ye” by 100% and start celebrating this decision. Media focused on the benefits of this law and the enthusiasm of the members of the parliament. They never discussed the risks that each and everyone were subjected to being arrested without and reasons but the said SECURITY OF THE COUNTRY! This security and law that never prevented the Muslim Brotherhood from expanding and penetrating all aspects of life yet by LAW they were BANNED!
The Minister of Defence summoned by the parliament
A member of the parliament requested to discuss the budget of the Army, and the minister of defence was summoned. The minister of defence was present and he requested a closed to the public discussion for top secret reasons and the assembly approved the request!
I and you are still totally blind about that session!
Hidden Implications
When you say: When I authorise someone it is not his duty to say OK!
It means indirectly time has come for accountability, or who will account you in the absence of a parliament?
The people of Egypt since the elections knowing the road map we all agreed upon on 2013 following the revolution of 2011/2013 of true Egyptians have a hidden fear from the parliament and elections based on bad experiences and memories, elections being faked, and many more like people penetrating in the assembly under fake appearances or nominations or fouling the public of their true intentions or believes!
In fact, the Egyptians have been divided in tow sections, one is happy for now without a parliament and its bad practices as long as the president is aware of people troubles and thoughts and comes on the right time answering by himself all questions without an inquiry and the other half –which I’m one of them- accepted the challenge they have faith in the smartness of the simple poor people who their chances in higher educations were limited but life taught them a lot, they trusted a president and they will not give their trust to any fake personalities the new parliament will be the real victory of those people who requested a better life and give gave and keep giving for that new hope!
Sisi said it more than once: WITHOUT YOU I CAN DO NOTHING!
Who is that YOU it is not each and every Egyptian? It is not to policeman that the bomb orphaned his children? It is not the solder that joined the policeman in his fight against Terrorism? It is not each and every one of us that stands up watching the expert undo the bomb, then they shouted happily and applauded for his success? 
People of Egypt remain like a Camel stubborn not giving up, but like a Train going on his path not giving way!
I still have a lot to say but time is tuning I have to catch up with my limits of sending my article on time so next week I’ll resume what I want to say but till then remain Blessed and Peace be with you all.