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  • Friday ,17 April 2015

What is the end?

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Friday ,17 April 2015

What is the end?

I totally believe that Egypt is suffering from a lot of things now days. On one hand, What the Muslim Brotherhood does like bombing and killing that happens everyday, on the other hand, The Economic difficulties that Egypt face due to lacking of stability. 

Looking to the inclinations of the government and the president, we can see that they are trying to open new projects and trying very hard to move the economic and create real chances to the Egyptian, however, you can assure that all of that is nothing as long as we can see that the Egyptian Economy lose everyday day billions of dollars due to destroying the electricity power station and and all infra structure of Egypt. 

The government and the president can't rely on what they are doing now because you can't achieve progress without having stability first. I mean specifically political stability, I don't mean by political stability only having elected parliament but also having stability between all political powers in the society. 

You might ask, do you mean that you want the Muslim Brotherhood to be merged in the political powers? I didn't say that exactly but we have to find a political way to merge them in the society. 

We tried the security solution and since president Sisi elected and until now, we can not see any stability or safety. I don't say that Sisi responsible for the instability but he is responsible to find a way to establish peace in the society. 

I don't believe that confrontation will be the only way to the situation that Egypt face, and if the political power and president didn't think about other ways so why they should be responsible.