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  • Tuesday ,23 March 2010

Press release:The international press conference Of sectarian violence against the Copts

Dr. Naguib Gibraeel

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Tuesday ,23 March 2010

Press release:The international press conference Of sectarian violence against the Copts

 For the day when mothers Wait a kiss put on their cheeks of their best beloved ones abducted by hands of those vicious sectarian terrorism and their kisses to death. 

I do not know today how to stop weeping and wiping the tears those mothers at Nag Hammadi in agony drop, and mothers of the Copts in Marsa Matrouh and Luxor. 
Yes, the Copts have tasted the sectarian violence and bloody events and still due to the absence of state’s authority and prestige and the absence of a real will to change. the Egyptian Union Organization for Human Rights have detected the documented number of sectarian incidents, it is hundred and eighteen sectarian assault on the Copts between killing and burning houses and crops and the destruction of property, looting and theft of stores and pharmacies owned by Christians in the last ten years from late 1999 until late 2009 and early 2010 and the last two years 2009 and 2010 the organization has enlisted nine bloody sectarian incidents against the Copts.
  the Copts in Udaysaat and Farshoot, Esna, villages in Minya, Samalut and Bagour and Ayyat and Nag Hammadi, Matrouh, Luxor and Cairo's Ain Shams have tasted some bitter grief of trampling on the most basic rights, the right to practice their religious faith as not only deprived of their rights to worship in a group or an association in the house because of the lack of Law that makes them as equal between them and their Muslim brothers in the homeland in places of worship, but the hand of treachery and sectarianism to the harvesting of their necks, as happened at Nag Hammadi, during their exit from the Requiem in the night of the Christmas eve.
We have identified and with all force and cruelty of the state dragging its feet on resolving the violence afflicting Christians only, but what emerged from the lack of its will the real laws to be in force in the development of citizenship and then become a citizenship in the Constitution beautifying the slogan more than being a practical reality of a daily life and then also do not know As we have said repeatedly that the Copts Are still in the minds of the government? Or are they already in mind but is unable to have equality in the rights of citizenship because of the balance of conveniences not we can not realize or reject the Constitution and particularly reject citizenship. 
It is remarkable to consider that the sectarian violence against Copts and events have had a common ground and distinguish with the following: -- 
It was mostly attacks on Christian places of worship under the pretext that there is no license to build a church.
2. It was strong and in large numbers more than thousands as in the Ain Shams and Marsa Matrouh. 
3. It was also beginning to a growing push by some of the imams in the mosques at Friday prayers most often. 
4. That violence is not only elongates the churches, but has spread to homes and properties of the Christians. 
5. Attacks also extended to include the self-abuse, whether death or to cause maximum casualties, as happened in the Nag Hammadi, Qena and Bagour, Mionfya, and in Alexandria. 
6. It is controversial and surprising to collect the aggressors coming quickly and Organized and with all means needed for an attack. 
7. In many cases, comes the role of the relaxed security protection, whether or not sufficient, so increasing the area of damage. 
4 – the State's obligation to bear all the damages incurred by those suffered the damage and loss as it is the task entrusted to them to protect and ensure the security of citizens, whatever their religion.
It's too strange that these attacks followed the arrest of many of the personals of the families of the victims of the Copts to make a kind of balance or to force the offended party to accept reconciliation and satisfaction a fait accomplished and then lose the supremacy of the state and replaced by meetings of tribes and clans and settlements and customary Urfi sessions to kiss beards and turbans fusion of black and white, as if nothing had happened, thought to be absent from the State
real change for the benefit of citizenship does not know the cause and the state say in front of the International Council for Human Rights about its role as responsible for keeping the rights but saying this is in in public and refrain from its implementation on the ground, but it's very arrogantly shows some officials to deny reality and refuse to criticize the situation in Egypt, despite the insatiable first to blame for the many violations that occur in the most democratic countries. 
- That our press release today demands the following: --
1 – the state is to regain its supremacy in the  ongoing events and the spiraling sectarian violence against Copts in Egypt.  
2 – The Government's implementation of the commitments made to the International human rights council to issue the unified code for building places for worship. 
3 – the full and irreversible rejection of all types and forms of customary reconciliation sessions,” Urfi”, including meetings of the clergy because of the lost prestige of the state with its institutions in the fields of legal and judicial authorites.
4 – The State's obligation to bear all the damages incurred on those suffered and the damages and loss as it is the of the authority entrusted to them to protect and ensure the security of citizens, whatever their religion is.  
Speeding up the issuance the decision to establish a specialized investigation courts in crimes exciting sectarian strife and the establishment of a Court to follow it jurisdiction to prosecute rioters only sectarian strife, with emphasis on amending the Penal Code Act and the addition of substances known as sectarian strife and crime cases committed by the actor and the original instigator and deterrent penalties for it.  
Cairo, 21/3/2010 
D. Naguib Gibraeel 
President of the,” Egyptian Union”, Organization for Human Rights.