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  • Wednesday ,25 March 2015

Wadi Rayan .. revealing crisis

Kamal Zakher Moussa

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Wednesday ,25 March 2015

Wadi Rayan .. revealing crisis
The monastery of Wadi Rayan lies in the desert of Fayoum, and was one of the most famous monastic gatherings in Egyptian in the fourth century. It was inhabited until the end of the tenth century. For different reasons, the monks left it until Father Matta el-Miskin restored the monastic life there in 1960.
Later, one of the disciples of Father Matta took the responsibilities of the monastery and accepted many new monks with much easier terms. Soon, many problems appeared and were ignited by several beneficiaries by several parties. One of the problems are the establishment of an international road aiming to improving trade and industry movement in the area. However, the new road reaches archaeological area that demands extra cautious and studies for the new road. There were other alternatives that are even less expensive.
However, the monks refused the new road, the church accepted it. The church considered this as disobedience. Other parties also tried to trade on the story that became more of a land mine that should destroy all parties, even the church from inside.
The monasticism has several problems including lack of discipleship which is critical to its system. Many parties tried to benefit from the crisis, but they couldn't understand the significant relationship between the monastery and the church.
This crisis revealed several errors that should be fixed including the management system and education in the church. Fixing these errors helps to restore the pure Christian life away from the fake appearances that we currently care for. The church has to take heed as many people are trying to benefit from such crises and to benefit from them.