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  • Monday ,02 March 2015

Be aware

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,02 March 2015

Be aware

Over the past few days I noticed a new wave of RUMOURS as rumours become more and more frequent and obvious lies that Egyptians become aware and make jokes round them! 

This new wave of rumours is based on a true well known event –a lawyer arrested in a demonstration without permit- well known fact! This lawyer thought his immunity as a lawyer gives him the right to be impolite and curse police officers and irritating them with his behaviours an officer –human being not God- responded to that violently and the lawyer dies! Human error requires investigation and accountability but what was published states:
Arrested lawyer in morgue with swelled private parts and cut off tongue, imagine the amount of suffering when someone cuts your tongue while you still alive! Tortures of Sisi’s Daesh! 
Sisi her points clearly to the president and his officers –police or army- become cruel heartless and like the Islamists terrorists we –Egyptians- are at war with! I already said it clearly last week in our war against Terrorism our enemy is unknown but he knows us and continuously targets us with different ways!
This provocative way to state a well know fact –lawyer arrested and tortured to death- is enough to provoke me requesting an investigation, but when it says his tongue cut off  I need to think, how many die bodies I saw and was in the mourning ceremonies I had the chance to see their tongue? Is it possible for any one to inspect the human mouth of a dead person? Can you open the mouth of someone who died few hours ago and his lifeless body started to decay? A well known synonym to decay is petrified, that is your body becomes like a stone! Can you open such a mouth?
Lies are obvious but unfortunately not many of us analyses what he reads, and many of us jumps into conclusions and loos faith in whomever is concerned in this piece of news and when you try to discuss the issue many will say, it is a public well known event! Let me re-iterate the event was:
Lawyer arrested tortured and died in the police station!
Facts are investigation showed the lawyer was rude and officers responded to his rudeness torturing him, and he died! Who is responsible this is still under investigation I can not comment, I can not request for accountability at this point until final results are announced however the majority of people do not think this way, and this is the point I try to discuss and demonstrate; This is no more a rumour not a complete lie it has a touch of reality that will ignite lot of response and fire back!
Let me demonstrate another one, and well known newspaper shows the image of a demonstration claming it was in Egypt for whatever reason, and inspecting the image shows Libyan matriculation plates on the vehicles participated in that demonstration suggesting the demonstration was in Libya not Egypt! Who is responsible for such a lie in a well known Egyptian Newspaper? Accountability here demands clear transparent investigation; transparent means to be viewable to the public who read this newspaper! I rest my case in this point as no further information available to me at this point but a third case of semi untrue publications follows!
This week not too far away ago, may be just 4-5 days ago, on the net the picture of a bulldozer and people –monks- standing in front of it to prevent it with their bodies from its path! The title reads, authorities in Fayoum to clear the path of the new hi way through the archaic monastery cutting of a significant portion of farms monks planted for their nutrition and monks defend it with their bodies while workers arrived shouting “Allah Akar” of Great be God! Pure sectarian violence ignition! Yes, there are plans –old plans- for the hi way passing through this Monastery land not the monastery itself and with the consent and permission of the monastery authorities that judged this portion of the land will not affect their activities!
One single police officer reached with the workers and he was granted to speak to the pope himself he come supervising not forcing his way with a gun just an authority supervision in case of any troubles and left right after speaking to the pope over the phone, only one unique monk received the officer and matters were in order, but someone was trying to ignite a sectarian violence base on a true story after re-iterating it with provocative stories, that were published by a lot of Christians who were concerned about this ancient Monastery for its historic value on top of its religious values!
The true story was given to me from a reliable source that his son is a monk there and relieved me a lot as when I could not read between the lines a lie as I did with the first example earlier in this same article! I was upset and thanks God with his guidance I did not comment and on the right time God opened my eyes to the whole true!
I can imagine concerned people grief reading such fabricated new way of lies! I lived it in this monastery story I was really sad I know this is not Sisi I trusted could not do this to the people he always said “I’m the president of ALL Egyptians” I’m an Egyptian who would had been deeply hurt if this was the real case, workers gone shouting “Allah Akar” to demolish an archaic monastery!
Once again I attract the attention of each and every Egyptian be aware of this new type of demoralisation ½ true and ½ well fabricated story to demoralise people! Remember your enemy is unknown and he knows you all, but with the help of God and his blessings to Egypt and Egyptians we’ll prevail may the power of Love overcome the love of power so world will know peace, and Peace of the Lord be with you all!