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  • Tuesday ,24 February 2015

I do not know them, but I know their nation and church

Suleiman Shafik

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Tuesday ,24 February 2015

I do not know them, but I know their nation and church

Church of the Virgin in Awr mourned the martyrdom of her sons. It's congregation remembered that St. Mark came from Libya carrying the gospel and now Egypt has to present her children as martyrs in Libya. 21 sons of Abba Bfnotious, Bishop of Samalout, were killed in Libya to return the days of martyrdom and to revive their homeland and church by their blood.

Dear homeland, I know you'll inevitably triumph over terrorism and restore your dignity. The video showing the mass beheading of Coptic Christian hostages has been released by militants in Libya. This video is a great evidence showing their faith and power against death.Their families, though being horrified, should be proud of their brave children and the new great Coptic martyrs. They demonstrated to us how did our great martyrs face death in the past.
Mothers and priests in Minya should be proud as well to raise their children and prepare them for martyrdom like their grandparents. Their blood should revive their church and the faith. As they were getting prepared to death, they were mostly praying for those who were to kill them.