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  • Friday ,20 February 2015

Suffering through the ages

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,21 February 2015

Suffering through the ages

When you think about all the suffering that the Copts are going through right now, I can't help but remember the times of Jesus. 

Right now, we can't even imagine barbaric acts of killing. I look at the most recent tragedy, the beheading of the 21 Copts. I say to myself, "How could anybody in their right mind do such a terrible, unfathomable act?" And that's just it. These killers are not in their right mind. It has been said time after time how these people must be brainwashed. These criminals must not be right in the head. 
Instead of focusing how these villains could commit such a terrible act of horror, I want to focus on the tribulations and persecution that was long before our time. If I try to understand the logic behind the criminals, I myself will become enraged because I will discover that there is no logical explanation, and no point on dwelling what we cannot change. Let's focus on what is in our control. 
So, back to my main point. In the time of Jesus, when he was a mere baby, Herod ordered the persecution of maybe 1000 children in hopes of eliminating the imminent King that is about to arise. He slaughtered his own son. Can you imagine what that must of been like? Babies screaming for their mothers? Mothers crying in horror while their babies are pulled out of their arms and into their death? How much suffering must these mothers have gone through? 
Let's fast forward to the time where after Jesus was crucified, and the apostles were preaching. There was beheadings, torture, ruthless deaths among the ones who fought to defend and spread the message of God. How could anyone slaughter someone for mere words that were being said? How could you, for example, look at someone, look into their soul, and just take it upon yourself to shed their blood?
No human could. I believe in humanity. I believe that there is good in people. So these persecutions shouldn't come as a surprise for us. Jesus himself said many will die in His name. We have thousands of years of history documenting these treacherous acts of violence. I believe that the stories that are told years from now, will not end when the Bible ends. The stories of these valiant heroes will never be forgotten, and will only increase our faith. 
Yes this is a time of tremendous grief, but it is also a time to remember the prophecies being fulfilled through our faith in Jesus Christ.