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  • Friday ,13 February 2015

Let them come

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,14 February 2015

Let them come
It is no secret that everyday a new tragedy happens. We hear about this heartbreaking news over and over again. We have a nice dinner, and it's ruined with tragic news. We go out to a movie, and feel like we've lost our desire to have fun because of the situation we are in now. It seems all hope and joy is everyday destroyed by news of innocent people dying, or crazy psychos killing. When will this end? The problem is, realistically, the answer seems like "never." 
Because of the hopelessness of the above question, I am pushed to wonder, should we seek outside help for our current situation? Ok, now listen. The first thing we think about is how the US destroyed Iraq when they intervened. We must remember that the US had ulterior motives, they wanted that oil that Iraq had. Also, don't forget that, yes we pretty much disagree with the West, but there are so many other countries out there with the resources, and perhaps new ideas to rid us of our dilemma. 
Maybe violence isn't the answer. Maybe it is the only answer. I don't really know, and it is not an easy thought to process. All of the countries in the whole world has been affected by terrorism, so I have no doubt in my mind that they would be willing to lend a helping hand to prevent Muslim Brotherhood from inciting against Egypt. 
The problem with Egypt, however, is it's pride. I have nothing against Sisi, and believe he is doing the best he can. But what if we need an outside prospective? What if we are just too close to the situation to be able to see a solution? Egyptians always condemn any foreigners for sharing their opinions, but what if this is not a good attribute to have? We always here about the European Union, the American Bailout crisis, various Outreach programs. Why not allow outsiders in, and see we all can put our minds together to end this utterly disgusting trend of violence that is only growing?