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  • Friday ,13 February 2015

Brett Evans

John Alfy

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Friday ,13 February 2015

Brett Evans

His name is Brett Evans, a coworker of mine. He was full of happiness and worrying as well. I asked him, what’s wrong? He showed me a photo of a dog that he has just received as a present, and said I’m just worried about being responsible of such living creature. This was about his dog.

Now, we understand that human beings are responsible before the law, and if they do something against the law, they are usually prosecuted. Yet, people are sometimes killed for small mistakes, even before they are prosecuted. 
We’ve supported president al-Sisi hoping he will lead Egypt to respectful and peaceful state away from chaos and destruction. This is the same reason we demonstrated against the Muslim Brotherhood as we seek the empowerment of the law, but they wanted to rule by blood and spread violence. 
Law should judge the criminals, not the victims. Yet, it became so easy to accept death in Egypt for no good reason. However, the most wonderful reason to die came in a football match. If those young people are criminals, then they should be judged, not killed.  
Nobody should be killed even before a trial. I understand that police may kill a person who carries a weapon to attack policemen. But, those young people who were killed in a football match did nothing to deserve death by tear gas. 
You may accept their death, but in fact there is no reason to accept their death. The government is responsible for their death and you may understand their value if you find a relative of yours among them. Some people do appreciate the responsibility of a dog, but others do accept the death of people even if for no reason.